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Get the best price of powerful webhosting for your website. Email after making your bluehost website for exclusive perks.

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This amazon reading list has great libertarian reads. Click the link and buy anything from amazon and help support Alex Merced.

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Sign up for a trial with Audible & get a free audiobook. I would recommend using this to get "Primal Prescription" by Robert Murphy & Doug Mcguff.

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Start your own podcast for FREE with buzzsprout and get a $20 amazon giftcard if you choose to upgrade to a paid plan. Click this link for the offer.

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This page brings together several great products and offers that you can take advantage of with special perks for using the links on this page.


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Don’t you want a T-Shirt that saids cool things like “Make Markets Free Again”? Then go to my T-Shirt store and pick up some T-shirts for yourself and friends. Shirts are available in mens and womens sizes and in different colors. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE STORE Also if you you want start yourRead More…

Diversify your money! Protect yourself from the damage government can cause to value of your savings and wages by keeping a portion of your savings in Gold & Bitcoin. Use the links below to sign up for services to help you and get started. Save your $$$ in Gold with GoldMoney!!! CLICK ON THIS LINKRead More…

Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom is a great way to learn about history, politics, and economics from some of the greatest minds in the world. “What every libertarian needs to know to articulate the free-market point of view to unsympathetic audiences Each month, for less than the price of a movie ticket, Liberty Classroom gives youRead More…

By clicking on this link you will find a list of great books that Alex Merced recommends. This includes books on economics, philosophy, history, and so much more to feed the libertarian mind. Although, after clicking on the link Alex Merced will get a commission on anything you buy from amazon that day so you help support theRead More…

Start the next great podcast with Buzzsprout My main podcast, The AlexMercedCast, is a podcast I host using buzzsprout which makes having a podcast easier than riding a bike. With buzzsprout you just upload your mp3 schedule the date and your podcast is good to go, they also include easy to follow guides on howRead More…

Create the next great website While anyone can create a free blog on or, there is a lot of flexibility you don’t have when you have your own hosting. With Bluehost you can easily install wordpress or one of many other CMS scripts to run your website. By using the link below you’llRead More…

When you’re commuting or working out it can be a little difficult to read a book, but you can hear one. When you click the link below you’ll get one free audiobook from audible which you get to keep whether you continue with the service or not. Although I must say having been an audibleRead More…

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